Shalom Y’all

Linda Zisman

Our July meeting was hosted by George and Idee Alatzas on Sunday, July 12. Sixteen people were in attendance and shared an array of Jewish foods including lox, bagels, chopped liver and wonderful salads. Lots of “schmoozing” and visiting.

During the summer months many members are away or busy with family.

Our August hosts will be Cheryl and Richard Smith. That will be on Sunday, August 9.

September hosts will be Stan and Joyce Brein on Sunday, September 13. On an added note, the Jewish holidays start with Rosh Hashanah on sundown the 13th and ends with Yom Kippur on September 22 at sundown. As a reminder we are strictly a social group, not a religious group, but we do adhere to our Jewish heritage.

Only one member of a couple needs to be Jewish. Singles are more than welcome. Please join us. No dues, just a dish for us to share with you as we share our dishes with everyone.

For any information please contact Linda Zisman at [email protected].