Show and Shine at the Car Club

Rollin' Ranchers Show and Shine event

Rollin’ Ranchers Show and Shine event

Ron Hoeberling

The Rollin’ Ranchers Car Club is all about driving our cars, showing off our cars, and enjoying our cars. Occasionally as the weather allows, we have a “Show and Shine/Meet and Greet” in conjunction with our regular car club meeting. We’ll bring our cars to the clubhouse parking lot, park them, and have a mini car show. In the past, we’ve spent half of our one-hour club meeting in the parking lot admiring our cars and the other half in the clubhouse for our regular meeting.

In June, we are planning a one-hour outdoor Show and Shine to get us back together as the HOA virus restrictions ease off. If the weather and HOA restrictions allow, please join us to enjoy an hour outdoors with our cars.

Our Car Club goal is to participate in car-related events or trips each month. If you are a car enthusiast and want to join the fun, please attend our next meeting on Wednesday, June 10, at 5 p.m. in the clubhouse parking lot. Club members are kept informed of activities and events through GroupWorks and dues are $10 per year.