Silver Steppers Funk It Up

Instructor Kimberly, in the middle, with a few of her Silver Steppers

Instructor Kimberly, in the middle, with a few of her Silver Steppers

Tap Communications

Dance your way to health with a full brain/body workout! Why should you join the Silver Steppers tap class of beginners and enhance your health? Here’s why…

* Forget aerobics class—tap dancing is a great cardio workout. We’re dancing to ‘get your groove on’ music (currently it’s “Uptown Funk”) that entices us to burn calories, tone our muscles, and give a heart-healthy workout. In fact, an hour of tap is said to burn about 250 calories.

* Activities that build our balance are good for long-term health. Because weight shifts in tap dance, it is a great way to enhance both balance and core control. This can reduce back pain, prevent injuries, and improve your posture.

* No dance experience is needed as our fabulous instructor, Kimberly, teaches easy to follow steps and builds on those steps with repetition.

* In addition, tap improves focus, leaves you feeling happier, improves cardiovascular health, tones your body, puts fun back into your fitness, and improves coordination—not to mention how much fun this class has just by making all those great tap noises!

So where can you get this awesome Silver Steppers Tap Class? Right here at Robson Ranch!

The tap classes meet weekly, every Wednesday at 2 p.m., in the Ballroom at the clubhouse. There is plenty of room for social distancing; please wear your mask into the clubhouse. If you have tapped before, just dust off those shoes and join. If you have never tapped, then bring a pair of hard soled shoes and learn basic steps, then build on those basics weekly as we put them into easy routines and combinations. We’ll even learn a little clogging.

The cost is $8 per class, which can be paid via Venmo, check, or cash.

If you want to try the class once or just observe at no cost, drop by. We guarantee you’ll enjoy it!

If you’d like a little more information, feel free to contact either Megan Wiegand or C.J. Palecek. You can find us in the Source Book or the Member Directory on the Robson Ranch website.