SOT Golf Tournament Recap

The Robson Ranch Featherheads made another sizable donation at the golf tournament.

Lynne Moore

Our annual SOT (Support Our Troops) Golf Tournament was a huge success, and we had a wonderful number of folks playing. We were so lucky to avoid the predicted rainstorm. We all believe there is a special huge umbrella protecting the Ranch from bad weather when we have our tournament. Huge thank yous are due to all those who participated, volunteered, made donations, and got sponsors. Robson Ranch Sales always donates breakfast and golf fees for military who play in the tournament. For a full list of all our generous golf tournament sponsors, please visit the SOT website at Next year’s tournament will take place on April 25, 2025, and we will have great weather again!

We presently have 96 troops registered with SOT. Ten of them are deployed at the present time. They are in Germany, Guam, the U.K., Qatar, Bahrain, South Korea, Djibouti, and Japan, and two are in undisclosed locations. They will receive a thank you note every month, while undeployed troops receive a thank you note every quarter. These beautiful, hand-crafted cards are made by the Sassy Stampers. Notes are written by members of SOT in the cards, which are then sent to the troops.

This past month, people at First United Methodist Church in Grapevine donated packed boxes of goodies to send to the deployed troops. We so appreciate their participation each year.

The Young Men’s Service League from Argyle had their final meeting of the school year at the clubhouse on May 19. These young men and their moms come to Robson Ranch every month during the school year to write to the troops we support. They also get to hear a Robson Ranch veteran speak about their military experience. They have also helped us out on many activities during the year.

The 4th of July parade is coming soon. Volunteers are always needed, so if you can help, please contact Mike Sabo at 940-262-0991.

Bill Wright often presents a veteran profile from our Tribute book by Veterans Park. This month he spoke about our treasurer Quinn Sowell who served in Vietnam as an Army attack helicopter pilot. He enlisted at age 19, and during his service, he received two Distinguished Flying Crosses, a Bronze Star, and he was recognized for 45 acts of heroism. After the Army, Quinn was a pilot for American Airlines. He also helped a woman recover the remains of her father who had been shot down over North Vietnam. Quinn has been treasurer of SOT for 16 years. He maintains the flags at Veterans Park, sells and installs home flags, and drives the truck that carries the flags to be displayed down the median on holidays. Congratulations and thank you to Quinn Sowell.

The Texas Hall of Fame and Museum will sponsor the Traveling Tribute Wall at Golden Triangle Mall on July 5-7. On July 6 at 2 p.m. there will be a concert by the 365th Army Band at the site. At 6 p.m. there will be a more extensive concert at the Denton High School of Performing Arts Center. Admission to all the events is free. You will need a ticket for the evening concert. Go online at to get your ticket.

We offer flag kits so that you can display the U.S. flag in your yard. A member of SOT will install the flag in your yard. The flag kits cost $60 (we only use U.S.-made flags). If you already have a flagpole installed and need a new flag, they can be ordered for $30 and will be delivered to you. The person to call for this is Quinn Sowell at 940-262-1106.

Our next meeting will be on Aug. 12 at 1 p.m. in the Lone Star Room of the clubhouse. Other than the summer, we meet on the second Monday of the month. We welcome all residents of Robson Ranch to join SOT. You do not have to be a member of the military or a veteran to join this organization. It is made up of people who really care about and appreciate those who serve our country and protect our freedoms. All of the funds we raise go to these special individuals and their families, as well as to certain organizations that support them. Hope to see you at a meeting.