Spotlight on Advertiser – October 2014

Home Window Tinting

Question: My neighbor recently had his home windows tinted with a film that doesn’t look dark from the outside. He said it will keep his “cold” rooms warmer this winter and a south facing “warm” room cooler, so his whole house will stay more comfortable. How is that possible?

Answer: Most of us think about window tinting as a way to prevent summer heat from getting in, and there’s no doubt it does! But what you may not know is the famous sticky-note people at 3M, Inc. make a line of window film for home application that can help balance the temperatures in selected rooms of your home. Depending on the room’s sun exposure, the right window film will add warmth or even cool a room, making it comfortable 24/7! Plus during the cold weather when our blinds and curtains open, more of the sun’s UV rays take a toll on our furniture, drapes and floors causing fading, dryness and even cracking; 3M home window film helps reduce that problem too.

Now to dispel two myths about home window films:

Myth 1. Window film causes seal failure (foggy windows). This is completely false. And if your window warranty is voided by film application and you are the original homeowner, then your 3M window film installation warranty will cover that problem for you.

Myth 2. Window film will crack all your windows. Thermal fractures can occur in approximately one window per thousand installations, but with 3M’s warranty your window glass is covered for five years after we install your 3M Window Film.

And now for the really good news: Dollar for dollar, home window film application is the No. 1 best way you can save on energy all year long, starting immediately, that’s right now!

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We can come to your home or office and share with you all the benefits of the top quality 3M Window Films that we offer. There are even tax credits for some residential applications as well as commercial ones. Call one of our friendly staff members today for more information and thank you, dear reader, for your important and very popular question! Call 972-539-2989 or our website:

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