Spring Weather Facilitates Area Road Projects and Wildfires

Commissioner Dianne Edmondson

Spring has definitely arrived here in Robson Ranch, and this warmer weather is reflected in the daffodils, pansies, and other spring flowering beauties around our community.

Additionally, the spring also lends a helping hand to many road construction projects throughout our area, which are often slowed down by inclement weather conditions.

One of the projects that is finally moving forward is the creation of a “shortcut” for emergency vehicles from the fire station in Harvest. This entails extension of Hillwood’s Harvest Way Street, near the fire station in Harvest, which often services calls from Robson Ranch. It will run into Briarwood Street in The Ridge at Northlake, the Taylor Morrison development south of Robson Ranch.

Since taking office in 2019, I have been concerned about the “round-about route” emergency vehicles from that Harvest fire station must take to get into Robson Ranch. I learned that, ultimately, Cleveland-Gibbs Road, which fronts the fire station in Harvest, will be connected between the two developments and will allow emergency vehicles to enter Robson Ranch directly at the front gate. However, The Ridge’s developer was unsure of how quickly The Ridge would be built up to the western side where Cleveland-Gibbs is located. Working with both Hillwood and Taylor-Morrison, we devised a plan to more quickly provide emergency vehicle access, as described above, by more quickly paving Harvest Way and connecting to the existing Briarwood Street.

The cooperative project also involved the town of Northlake, which played a big part in approving the engineering drawings and other details. Then Denton County and Hillwood both chipped in funding, which has resulted in the project moving along. The Harvest Way section should be paved by the end of April. That will result in a savings of about four minutes’ response time when an emergency vehicle responds to a Robson Ranch resident. In the case of heart attack or stroke, this will mean a 40% quicker response, increasing the survival rate. Once through The Ridge, the emergency vehicles can enter at Orangewood, Michelle Way, or Ed Robson Blvd., depending on the location of the resident. This will have a very positive impact on our community as, currently, this fire station is in Robson about four times a day on average. It’s also good to know that every firetruck from our Emergency Services District includes a paramedic or EMT in its crew.

We have all become aware recently of the extreme fire danger in Denton County, particularly west of I-35 W. The low humidity, continued meager rainfall, and strong winds have created the “perfect fire storm” several times in recent weeks. And unless April showers bring us not only May flowers but also relief from the drought-like conditions, we still are subject to unexpected wildfires. As individuals, we can help prevent some of those fires, according to our fire departments, which often take place in areas with new home construction. Our sheriff has deputies who patrol these construction sites reminding the construction crews to clean up each day, since the lumber and other flammable materials are food for fires. One such incident occurred recently in Canyon Falls on a construction site. Luckily, that fire was quickly and efficiently handled by our ESD, along with other area firefighters. As individuals, other fire starters for us to become aware of include unattended BBQ grills, dragging chains on trailers or from pickups, discarded cigarettes, etc. Please, let’s all be hyper aware during this burn ban time as our part of preventing wildfires.

On a final note, I’d like to thank the voters in Robson Ranch who returned me to office as your County Commissioner for another term. I am honored to serve this, my home community, as well as the rest of Precinct 4, and I love working with all of you. And I hope that you are receiving my periodic e-newsletter for current Denton County news.

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