Stay warm and drink

When this past winter weather chilled you to the bone, only so many pairs of gloves, wool hats and knit scarves could warm the body. Pete and Nancy Toppan treated the Wine Stewards to a novel way to survive a frigid day – reach for a glass of “winter wine”. Toss the term “winter wine” into a search engine and you will turn up suggestions for hearty reds and hearty whites showcased around the idea of ‘hunkering down’ and staying warm at home. Winter wines are richer, bolder, spicier and plusher than what you would drink in the summer months. Just like you dress in layers for the colder weather, you look for wines that have layers and textures in terms of aroma and taste, along with complexity and depth. Featured winter wines include Gruner Vetliner from Austria, Chablis from France, Sparkling wine, Malbec, Syrah, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon. As the cuisine gets richer and the weather gets colder, winter wines are the perfect solution. The Wine Stewards were in total agreement as they reached for their favorite bottle.