Supplies Needed for Local Dog Shelter

Eileen Pierson

I need supplies to continue making dog beds for the local shelter, Apollo Rescue and Support, in Justin. It’s a no-kill shelter and only gets money from grants, donations, etc., and not from any surrounding township like Denton does, so please help. Here is what I need the most—but I stress on all below, I must approve all items before you “drop off.” I need items at least in fairly good shape and cleaned—no holes, no animal feces (including mouse droppings), no shredded towels, no foam or feather anything, no mattresses (yes, people have tried to drop off their mattresses at my home, along with leather jackets and christening outfits). Please respect what I do.

1. Blankets (any kind)—this is the biggest need. Bedspreads, comforters, quilts, etc., work wonderfully as well. But, please, no down/feather comforters and no afghans. I cannot use them.

2. Old slipcovers—they are super strong.

3. Mattress pads/protectors—these are the best.

4. Pillows (throw or bed pillows). But, please, only if they have loose fill (Poly-Fil, like they sell in a bag at Walmart, etc.), not a form fill, and no foam, and no feathers. If you are unsure, snip a corner. If not Poly-fil, throw it out or donate it elsewhere.

5. Flannel sheets—these are great, but no knit sheets. They stretch too much and are very hard to work with.

6. Regular sheets—nice, thick cotton are the very best. If they are too thin, the dogs’ nails just rip right through them.

7. Fleece of any kind (as long as it’s not full of holes).

8. Dog food of any kind. The shelter has to use the same food for all dogs so they can follow their diet in case of digestive issues, but they donate the food to area homes that struggle financially to help them care for their pet. I will also take cat food. (All cats and puppies are fostered, but the food helps the foster parents with their needs.)

9. New toys (sorry, I can’t take used toys, because they could potentially carry parasites, etc., and the shelter can’t take the chance. The dogs and cats love the toys. You should see them. They have special ones.

10. Sleeping bags

11. No packing blankets—the shelter says they are falling apart in the wash.

12. Towels (any size, including wash cloths). There is a desperate need for these.

13. Leftover fabric, especially cotton and fleece-type, but no small scraps (1.5 yard at least)

14. $$$$—You can donate to them directly online, and they need help for sure.

Please do NOT give me the following (if they can’t wash it, I can’t use it):

1. Your old mattress

2. Dog cages (drop them off at the shelter directly, please)

3. Clothing of any kind

Please open your hearts. Let me at least give these poor dogs a warm and soft bed. I live in Robson Ranch. I can pick up at your home if you need me to, or you can drop the goods on my front doorstep. I check daily. I’ve made well over 1000 beds already, but, remember, they have to be washed daily, and keeping up with that wash, they get torn. Well, you can imagine. And many, many fosters take the beds, too. If in doubt about donating anything, just ask me.

Contact Eileen Pierson at 214-923-9391 for approval before dropping anything off. I’m sorry it has to be this way, but my garbage can was overflowing weekly with the “junk” people were dropping off, so I have to approve first.