Surprise guests at Callaway Court South Christmas party

Guests at the Christmas party. Photo courtesy of Don Hill.

Guests at the Christmas party. Photo courtesy of Don Hill.

Maureen Lehrer

Before I get to the surprise, I want to write about our dear resident, Edie Weisskotten, who left us on January 6 for San Antonio, TX for a new high-rise home on Park Lane. Edie has been a wonderfully kind neighbor to have for eight and one-half years. She will be missed! We wish her a wonderful life in her new home.

Now for the surprise. Former residents of our court, John and Yrene Gannon who left us for a short time, arrived at our party with Edie. Why? Because they will be moving into Edie’s former home about the first of February; we are all thrilled! Welcome back!

The Ron Lehrers hosted the Christmas party December 11 at their home. The evening festivities included a potluck of wonderful party foods and lots of good cheer. Photos from our past were posted, and the guessing of “who was who” proved to be very difficult. I think our high school graduation photo would be easier next time.

Others in attendance besides those mentioned above were: Charles and Karen Reynolds, Cindy Bass and Don Hall, Bill Wilson and LaDonna Womochel, Jim and Louise Padgett, Grant and Barbara Coulson, Jo Carlton, Bill and Doris Belew and Sal and Gloria Calvanico. We missed the Ralph Banks and the Scott Bakers who were unable to attend.