Tai Chi Christmas Luncheon

Front row: Adele Stewart, Rosemary Simecek; second row: Bonnie Sloan, Maddie Dudley, Gloria Holbert, Ok Cha Cummings, Sherry Eason, Deb Adams, Linda Cawley; third row: Sharon Senna, Vicky Haley, Wendy Rapier, Pam Maltby, Helen Abramson, CJ Palecek, Ann Sullivan, Lynn Larsen, Kent Weatherley; back row: Bob Horn, Lis Olenkiewiez, Annette McGee, Betty Allen, Marsha Scholze, Hong Ouyang, Noble Holbert, Malinda Hall, Ed Brownstein, Kimo Sutton

Gloria Holbert

You could feel the Christmas spirit and hear the laughter at the Tai Chi Club Christmas luncheon on Dec. 9 at the Grill. Five Tai Chi classes came together to thank Adele Stewart and Rosemary Simecek for volunteering to lead the classes. The group presented Adele and Rosemary gift cards, plus a stuffed tiger named Kerri in honor of the final movement in all Tai Chi routines “carry the tiger to the mountain” and close. If you are interested in joining us in Tai Chi, watch the HOA emails for information about joining the Beginners Class.