Teapot Time

Carolyn Detjen

The focus for Happy Potters articles in the Pioneer Press always has been for me to inform you with the facts of our creative busyness. However, with the shutdown caused by COVID-19, we are not scurrying around these days in our wonderful workroom. So, I thought that I would cruise down memory lane and give you a dose of what has been my joy and privilege to use to fill my days.

I have only been potting since 2014, so my expertise is limited. After I got my feet wet with clay, or should I say my hands wet, I read a magazine article telling that a lot of people started constructing teapots for one reason. The parts of a pot are so various that once you can make a spout, a handle, the base, and the lid and remember to put small holes in the wall of the pot and the lid, you would be on your way to having fun. Sounded good to me so I dove in. The first pot I made was said to take 30 minutes to complete. What a gross mistake for me to think that I would be finished in that much time. Be real! I finished the wonderful teapot and it is lovely but much more time was involved. But, in reality, it was the beginning of my clay experience.

My teapots are not fragile and dainty like some of their English cousins. I roll out the clay to 3/8th inch and some parts are finished at a little under a quarter inch so they are heavyweights. Quite so, when I fill the pot with water. But they suit me, and when all is said and done, that is what creating clay is all about: making yourself and others happy. Sitting down with a plate of homemade cookies and a pot of tea with a friend or just by yourself is really satisfying. It gives you a little time to think and plan what life is for. Be blessed and bless others with love and joy, so that they can pass it on.

Hold on to hope. Time will bring change, and we will be heating our kilns and glazing with lovely colors so that you can look in our windows and ooh and aah at the beauty of it all.

We look forward to meeting each of you and introducing you to our studio.