Texas Toss season 7

Dave Parker

It was the start of season seven for Texas Toss on Sept. 13. Friday the 13th was certainly not bad luck as 30 teams and over 300 players filled the Texas Toss field. The temperature was tolerable, the wind was slight and the sun was behind the clouds, which led to a great start to the season. Steve Targonski, the world-wide commissioner of Texas Toss, went over the rules with the team captains. Chris and Mason staffed the bar on the patio and filled orders at a record pace. Even after the Toss finished and the sun had set, many tables of players enjoyed an evening of dinner and drinks on the patio. New regulation bags were purchased by Jeremy Trietsch our Food and Beverage Director. Everyone appreciated the new regulation weight bags. The quest for Texas Toss Super Bag Bowl VII has begun!