Thank you cart owner drivers

John Burkholder, MGA9 Publicity

New to golf just last year, I don’t own a golf cart. Thought it a good idea to hold off purchasing until I determined if I enjoyed the game and could play it without making a fool of myself and/or spoiling the rounds of my golfmates.

After a year and several months of the game, I’ve determined the first is unquestionably yes! I thoroughly enjoy the game! However, the second is still open to question. That is I continually make a fool of myself (although my brother-in-law, a very proficient golfer, told me every golfer does this, if not as often as I do at least occasionally!). The saving grace has been my golfmates, especially those who I hitch rides with. They’re constantly encouraging me, some even offering helpful tips to correct specific shortcomings or improve what they see me doing well, or at least partially well. And that’s the subject of this month’s RR MGA9 publicity article: thank you!

Being the Publicity Director for MGA9 (either no one else wanted the position or I just was new and naïve enough to accept it) I have the opportunity to convey my sincere thanks to those of you who have let me tag along in your carts and foursomes while I try to learn this silly game. Thank you to everyone whom I’ve I had the great opportunity to meet, play with, learn from, ride with and get to know. Playing golf here at The Ranch I’ve made more great friends in 15 months than I ever dreamed possible! Again, thank you!

But that’s not the only message I’d like to convey here. I’ve also discovered a special reason why not to buy my own golf cart; at least not now or in the foreseeable future. The time I’ve spent hitching rides with you RR golfers has been way too enjoyable to let it stop now! You’re way too nice, funny and accommodating, way too interesting, knowledgeable and diverse, way too open, fun and enjoyable to ride with! I wouldn’t now want to ride alone for anything! Even owning my own golf cart!

I strongly suggest y’all consider parking your carts once in a while to avail yourselves of similar ride-along experiences! Double up. Ride some rounds together! I’m confident you’ll enjoy the company, the change, the conversation, the fun and the time together! As best-selling author James Patterson shared in Miracle on the 17th Green, his grandfather’s golf credo “No gimmies. No mulligans. No bullshit. Let’s play golf,” rings true! And it rings even louder when sharing a golf cart ride!