Thank You, Friends

Left to right: Donna Gardner, Jennifer Phelps, Jo Leenhoustes, and Nanci Odom after a hard day of organizing donations.

Thanks to Those Who Have Donated

LaDonna Womochel

The Community Outreach Committee of the Robson Ranch Women’s Club wants to thank those Robson Ranch residents who have generously donated gently used items to help people who have been homeless and are embarking on a more normal existence in their new apartments. Members of the committee have been diligently taking these donated items and creating welcome pallets to provide essential items to help create a livable home.

Dee Moore, Our Daily Bread’s program manager and case worker, attended a Community Outreach committee meeting to thank this committee and, in turn, the Robson residents who have contributed to the success of this program. Ms. Moore explained that 22 clients have been placed into housing in the month of May. She has helped these individuals secure an income source either through a job or through benefits which they are entitled to. This committee has prepared 20 pallets.

Ms. Moore shared her goals of empowering people, changing lives, and helping to achieve self-sufficiency. Ms. Moore’s passion for this project gave encouragement for the committee to continue its efforts to support this ongoing initiative. The committee has set July 10 as the next donation date. The details about this date and future dates for helping those individuals move from a homeless situation to a place of their own are available on the Robson Ranch Women’s Club website at

Hopefully, Robson residents who have done so much so far can continue to help with this important project.