Thanks for the Women’s Club Memories

Thirteen past presidents were recognized with long-stem, white roses at the noontime luncheon.

Der Robson Hausen Dancers entertained attendees at the noontime luncheon, with an encore performance during the evening event.

Rose DePoe is the current president of the Robson Ranch Women’s Club and was master of ceremonies for the 20th anniversary celebration.

Nancy Garre-Caldwell, event chairperson, thanks some of the many volunteers who worked months to plan and execute the 20th anniversary event.

Teresa Korn

Twenty years of memories were relived in a single day as the Robson Ranch Women’s Club (RRWC) celebrated their 20th Emerald Anniversary on Sept. 6. If you were not able to attend the celebration festivities, you can visit our website,, and view many photos and videos. But allow me to recapture the event here.

Club members at the noontime luncheon were entertained with several skits, which depicted past programs, fundraisers, and bus trips. Thirteen past presidents were in attendance and recognized for their service and commitment to foster the RRWC into the future. Martha Fagin, the club’s very first president, addressed the attendees with her memories, wisdom, vision, and congratulations.

The Robson Ranch ballroom was transformed into an elegant museum for the evening event, filled with scrapbooks, posters, and other memorabilia spanning the past 20 years. Former member/Robson Ranch resident Rebecca Bafford played a melody of music while attendees mingled, enjoyed appetizers, and perused the exhibits. Keynote speakers included Lyle Dresher (standing in for Representative Lynn Stucky), Denton Mayor Gerard Hudspeth, and County Commissioner Dianne Edmondson. One of the proudest accomplishments of the RRWC was displayed in the form of a huge check for over $355,000 made payable to Denton County Charities. This check represented cash donations for the past 20 years given to Denton-area charitable organizations and did not include tangible gifts, such as carloads of canned food, towers of diapers, mountains of backpacks, and pallets of furniture, household goods, and toiletries. Representatives from several charities were present to acknowledge the giving spirit of the RRWC.

Fundraising for this event was accomplished through the sale of raffle tickets with a Grand Prize of $1,000. The very lucky holder of the winning ticket was Helen Pers. The 20 years of memories event came to a close with an encore performance of the Der Robson Hausen Dancers. If you have not seen the hilarious magic of this dance troupe, visit our website and view the video at

Thank you to all the volunteer workers, sponsors, and ticket purchasers for making this event possible. Congratulations to the Robson Ranch Women’s Club, and cheers to another 20 years!