The 2020 Robson Ranch Women’s Club Record Breaking Year!

The 2020 Robson Ranch Women’s Club Board

The 2020 Robson Ranch Women’s Club Board

Robson Ranch Women’s Club 2020 Board

When the world gives you lemons … well, you know the rest of the story! The Robson Ranch Women’s Club (RRWC) made a lot of lemonade in 2020, as these words from President Gayle Coe notes: “As we close this unprecedented year, let us take a moment to thank the Women’s Club members and friends of the Robson Ranch Women’s Club for their dedication, perseverance, open hearts, and helping hands. These wonderful people helped make this year a little better for the many vulnerable citizens in our Denton community.

“The following totals reflect the many ways our Robson Ranch Women’s Club members and Robson Ranch residents demonstrated how much they care and were happy to contribute time and resources, with very sharing hearts during this challenging year. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year!”


The 2020 RRWC Board

Membership: 373

Donations to Designated Charities Over Four Monthly Luncheons: $3,147 (For Denton Community Food Center and Friends of the Family)

Community Relations Special Projects

Men’s Clothing Drive in May/June (Our Daily Bread and the Monsignor King Outreach Center) collected 500+ pieces of clothing, shoes, belts, etc.

Back to School Backpack Drive in July/August (Friends of the Family): 197 fully completed backpacks, 55% of the total number of backpacks donated

Adopt-a-Family in November/December (Friends of the Family): 58 children and 8 moms adopted. Last year we had 24 children and 3 moms

Miscellaneous/Ongoing Donations

Our Daily Bread: Detergent Bottles for Clients: 1,000+

Our Daily Bread and Denton Community Food Center: Plastic Grocery Bags: Millions and Millions!

Total Number of Volunteer Hours Donated by Members: 1,600

Ways and Means Committee Raised $27,174. (Spring Home and Garden Show Vendor Donations Campaign and the “Holiday Helping Hands” Go Fund Me Campaign). The designated recipient charities were Our Daily Bread and the Monsignor King Outreach Center.

Total number of sunshine cards sent to members: 431

It was a year like no other. From March until November, except for Zoom board meetings, we were not able to have our monthly meetings and luncheons. It would be so easy to quit; a lot of the world was under stay-at-home orders, businesses were closed, schools were closed, people were out of work, trips were canceled, and our charities needed us more than ever. We had to cancel most of our fundraisers forcing us to get creative. So, because of the generosity of our members and friends and the creativity of our board, we persevered. We broke records including funds donated, backpacks, and adopt-a-family, and managed to have a little fun along the way! We had one social in March, a harvest drive through in October, and a decorate a mask contest in December. All in all, and in many ways, 2020 was a year to remember. It has been a pleasure making lemonade with you ladies!