The ‘Bogey-man’ Haunts Girls on Wheels

Girls on Wheels having a glowing good time at Monster Mini Golf!

Vicki Baker

It’s a challenge that stretches through the reaches of time and space. It’s a problem that shakes the universe to its very core. It’s the battle of hitting a tiny white ball past the grandfather clock pendulum without bouncing off the … AAAHHHHH! Whether you know your way around the links or not, everyone has fond memories of playing miniature golf.

Most miniature golf courses are known for their wacky jungle, safari, or dinosaur themes, complete with mini windmills, waterfalls, and pirate ships. But what about an indoor course spewing forth everywhere with colors of toxic waste—the walls, the golf balls, the clubs, and the monster-themed obstacles on each hole? Girls on Wheels (Vicki Baker, Shirley Monge, Susan Hebert, and Cassie Richardson) stepped onto the greens at Monster Mini Golf where everything glowed like the psychedelic black-light posters in our college dorm rooms.

The luminescent glow of black lights brought to life the most unique mini golf we’d ever played. Eighteen holes of glow-in-the-dark skeletons, haunted trees, creepy-crawlies, and other ghoulish sights, surrounded by a neon explosion from the hand-painted artwork of pop-culture imagery and characters.

The animatronic monsters came alive at every twist and turn! They moved, they talked, they wiggled, and they squawked whenever we came within range. There were the classic monsters Frankenstein and Mummy, along with the local landmark of the Frisco water tower with Wolfman on top howling at the moon. Added to the fun, pulsating beats of music classics, both vintage and new, played from the internal radio station, W.I.R.D. Radio.

Most holes required aiming the ball against one wall to bank it off another while avoiding stationary hazards, though there were tunnels, a loop-the-loop, and a swinging grandfather clock pendulum to putt through. One particularly frustrating hole placed the cup on the crest of a molehill, which quickly became an over par by 15 plus! The course finished with Glow-zo, a gigantic clown head through which we hit a perfect final shot.

From birdies to quadruple bogies and enough time for Girls on Wheels to take their mulligans … over, and over, and over. Monster Mini Golf was not just any ol’ game—it was near misses, solid putts, and a whole lot of laughs. Think you’re ready to get out there and whack some fluorescent golf balls yourself? If not, if you’ll excuse us, we have an appointment to try again at hitting that ball past the cursed grandfather clock pendulum!