The Community needs your vote

We are one month into our education program on a proposed amendment to the Robson Ranch Denton Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). A number of residents have already voted. But we would like a yes or no vote for the adoption of this amendment from every property in the Robson Ranch Denton community.
This amendment would allow the establishment of a new fee, called the Community Improvement Fee (CIF). It would only be assessed one time to a new owner upon the purchase of an existing home at Robson Ranch. This one-time fee would be used to help solidify the financial stability of the Robson Ranch HOA for years to come reducing the possibility of unnecessary dues increases or special assessments on existing homeowners.
For at least the first five years, the CIF will be used to help fund the reserve for future repairs and replacement of existing assets. Once the reserve has been adequately funded, then the community can build a Capital Improvement Fund to be used for homeowner-desired improvements that would not otherwise be funded by the developer.
Every dollar collected is a dollar that existing homeowners will not pay in increased dues or special assessments.
Additional information about this amendment and the voting process is available on the Robson Ranch HOA website. As a Robson Ranch homeowner, you have the opportunity to participate in deciding this important issue. Whatever you decide after doing your due-diligence, please vote yes or no. We want to know the views of the entire community on this very important issue. It will affect the manner in which we manage the community for years to come.