The Paint & Palette Club

Francesca Romano

Francesca Romano

Francesca Romano

The Paint & Palette Club (PPC) has some wonderful news and events planned for this new year. We are excited about starting this year with welcoming new members and establishing our very own monthly artistic column for the Pioneer Press.

We welcome all artists who are intermediate to professional in artistic skill.

So, feel free to come and meet your fellow artists, who work in a wide variety of media. You will enjoy the comradely atmosphere, and experience the willingness to demonstrate and share their expertise with each other.

Carolyn Buchman is the founding artist for PPC here at Robson Ranch and can relate to all previous events that artists were involved in.

We meet every Monday from 9 a.m. to noon in room 103 at the Creative Arts and Technology Center. We also meet on Fridays—same room and time (open studio time).

Some of our planned events include:

* A clubhouse exhibition coming this March 2021

* Planning museum trips

* Possibly planning an artist crawl

* Organizing discussion sessions and positive critiques for old and new artwork

* Demonstrations on particular painting or pouring techniques

* Special product demonstrations

* Zen tangle and alcohol inks

If you are interested in joining this group, you may email Francesca Romano at [email protected] or simply stop in.