The Robson Ranch Choir uses SPF to fend off signs of fading

Frances Hackley, publicity chair
The Robson Ranch Choir uses SPF, but it isn’t the spray or the rub on type. Our SPF stands for Singing Protects against Fading. Yes, you see, as we age the body as well as the mind starts to fade and diminish. Brain function slows, eyes weaken, breathing gets shallower, posture slumps and socializing slows and depression sets in. Well as it turns out, being in a choir can help fend off all those signs of fading!
Singing in a choir improves brain functionality. Studies funded by the NIH and conducted by the University of California’s Institute for Health and Aging, showed even seniors suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, aphasia and other neurological diseases showed great improvement in brain function after joining a choir. The part of the brain responsible for emotional regulation and language become engaged, thus encouraging and stimulating improvement in brain function as a whole.
Choir singing improves the quality of life. Research shows that a person engaging in at least thirty minutes of a singing session gains a myriad of benefits such as self-confidence, fewer incidences of depression, fewer hospital stays, easier breathing, better eyesight (because you work your eye muscles) and improved posture. All these improvements were even found to be in folks with moderate to severe dementia.
Social support and networking is another perk associated with being in a choir. Having connections with others that might otherwise have been missed, fosters other relationships and activities. Singing in a choir improves the speaking voice, since one is forced to breath more deeply, taking in more air to support a good sound. In most cases singing is a joyful and uplifting experience. This all leads to increased positive feelings and reduces stress levels. The Department of Psychology, McGill University, published in the Journal Trends in Cognitive Science, found that singing increases levels of immunoglobin A, helping with the immune system. Furthermore, it was found that listening to and singing music stimulates the release of dopamine, which is the body’s own reward and pleasure neurochemical. Another benefit of being a singer is it increases oxytocin, a hormone associated with positive feelings and social bonding backing the afore mentioned findings. These then subsequently all fend off depression.
So, to sum it up, the Robson Choir sings for their health and wellbeing as well as for the fun of it. We are quelling the signs of fading by improving brain function, the quality of life and fending off depression. We are doing this all this with our SPF, Singing Protects against Fading. We already have the remedy so we are not going to need CBD oil, Ginko, St. John’s Wart or to smoke the doobie to help us stay young and happy!
The Robson Choir is sponsoring as in years past, a free patriotic, 4th of July Concert in the Clubhouse Auditorium. Tickets are limited to six per family and are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the clubhouse 9:00-11:00 a.m. June 24-July 3.
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