Update from State Rep. Lynn Stucky

Lynn Stucky

The primary elections season has come and gone for 2022, and Lori and I want to express our most sincere gratitude to you and all of the residents of House District 64 for your support, as I have once again been nominated for the Republican ballot in November to be your state representative. This marks my fourth successful primary election, and it could not have been accomplished without the countless hours from volunteers and support from our community.

As when I first started running to be your state representative, it is my focus to not act as a politician, but as your voice in Austin to build and maintain the strength and values that make Denton County and the rest of my district such a wonderful place to live. The trust put in me is not and will not ever be taken for granted.

So, what’s next?

My goal is to build off our successes. Texas is a leader. In business and industry, we operate the eighth largest economy in the world. Companies are flocking to Texas because of our business-friendly climate and skilled workforce. I will continue my focus on making our education system not only better, but accountable and empowered to produce the talent we need moving forward.

Public safety in the form of law enforcement and border security is paramount to our sustainability. Fair and honest property tax assessments so homeowners are not forced out of their homes. We want our growth to be good growth that benefits our communities rather than overwhelms them. Transportation infrastructure to relieve congestion is vital. Life and the protection of constitutional rights will always be front of mind. These issues and more are what I will fight for.

In the coming months, legislative committees will hold hearings on interim charges, homework projects, if you will, for the next legislative session starting in January of 2023. My office stands ready as a resource and a voice for you in the state legislature.

I again humbly thank you for your support and encourage you to reach out to me and my office should you need assistance with anything we may be able to assist with. God bless.