Veterans Park Fall Brick Drive

Veterans Park at Robson Ranch

Veterans Park at Robson Ranch

Charles Runner

Co-Chairman, Veterans Park

The Veterans Park 2016 Fall Brick Drive is in progress and will last until September 30. Brick donation amounts are 4×8 brick ($60), 8×8 brick ($110) and 12×12 brick ($180). All brick donations are tax deductible. Multiple veterans can be honored on the 8×8 and 12×12 bricks, including logos. All bricks are terra cotta color.

There are many bricks in the Park honoring father and son(s), husband and wife, brothers and multiple generations of service men and women. New bricks will be installed in the park by Veterans Day, and the veterans honored on those bricks will be recognized at the Veterans Day Ceremony that will celebrate the eighth anniversary of the park.

Brick order forms and a guidance document for the Tribute Book are available on the shelf below the Tribute Book in the Clubhouse. It is located near the side entrance closest to the Veterans Park. You can also update the Tribute Book text or add a new photo of a veteran honored on a brick in the Veterans Park during the brick drive. We are available to help you design your brick text and select appropriate logos.

This will be my last message about the Veterans Park as we are planning to move from Robson Ranch. I wish to thank all who have supported the Veterans Park since its creation in 2008 and all who have honored veterans on bricks and benches in the Park. Remember, sunsets at the Veterans Park can be spectacular. Take a moment to visit the Veterans Park and reflect on the service and sacrifice of those honored there.