Voices United Hosts ‘100 Dentonites Who Give a Damn’

Tiffany Ramzy

Looking for a way to give back? Looking for a way to make a difference? There is a local organization that has found a unique way to get money flowing into worthy causes.

On July 9, during the monthly general meeting of Voices United, Renee Sims, co-founder of 100 Dentonites Who Give a Damn, spoke about her organization.

“We are a group of people who care deeply about our community. Four times a year we come together for a one-hour meeting, and each member writes a $100 check to a charity that the group selects. This combined donation of approximately $10,000 makes a real impact, in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, without time-consuming fundraising events and planning. There is no fee to join and no cap on how many members we can have! All are welcome.” Website: dcgad.wordpress.com.

Renee and her co-founder Kim Pearson were inspired to start this organization after hearing about a similar organization in Michigan. The Denton organization held its first meeting in April of 2017 with 18 members, and they now have 108 members.

They meet at Denton County Brewing Company for one hour on the fourth Tuesday of every quarter, starting at 6:30 p.m.

At these meetings, three non-profits (previously chosen at random from a hat) get five minutes each to talk about their organization and why they should be chosen. Afterwards, the members vote, and the majority vote wins. Checks are written that day and given to the winning organization. The winning organization handles sending out tax receipts.

The criteria for candidate awardees:

* Must serve the Denton County area

* Must be a 501(c)3

* Must be established for at least one year

Currently, the average award amount is $7,500 to $8,500 and, so far, the organization has awarded $137,000 to 19 nonprofits.

Voices United is a non-partisan group of Robson Ranch women who share progressive values, perform community outreach, provide civic awareness and social contact for members, and have a good time! We are a 501(c)3 organization open to Robson Ranch residents. We have a current membership of 75, and would love to have you join us. For more information, contact [email protected].