Voices United Hosts Annual Festivus!

Voices United Festivus attendees

Tiffany Ramsey and Deb Williams

For all of you Seinfeld fans, you may remember their hilarious episode about “Festivus”—a made-up holiday that provided a lot of laughs for the audience. Well, Voices United (VU) has been hosting its own annual Festivus celebration. Thanks to Jane Thompson and Susan Engstrom, Social Committee co-chairs, this year’s celebration was held on Aug. 27 at the home of Lisa Olson. All food and beverages were provided by the Voices United Social Committee, there was no fee to attend, and there were approximately 25 people in attendance.

The ladies indulged in lots of food and wine while participating in the annual Festivus White Elephant Auction where members brought gently used or new gifts, concealed in a brown paper or gift bag. Only the auctioneer (Susan Engstrom) knew what gems were hidden inside the bags. Attendees had fun bidding on the items, based on the creative description of the auctioneer. This is always one of the best-attended and most fun activities of the year, and it also serves as the one fundraiser that the group uses to raise funds to assist with other social events. This year around $700 was raised. And in the tradition of Seinfeld, there was even a grievance tree.

Voices United supports Ignite International, a non-profit that supports young girls who are ready and eager to own their political power. If you are interested in joining the non-partisan local non-profit, Voices United at Robson Ranch, please check us out at www.voicesunitedrr.org.