Voices United Members Take the Challenge, Plan Community Engagement

Jane Scholz

Voices United (VU) Community Outreach Committee is making plans with local community service groups in Denton County for the remainder of 2022. This will include securing meeting speakers and a hands-on volunteer effort by VU members. Final selections will be made in the near future.

Given that the February meeting was held via Zoom, the March meeting is expected to return to normal with an in-person meeting held at the RR clubhouse. Alison Maguire, Denton City Council member, will be speaking.

Members of Voices United are joining some of their Robson neighbors this month in a virtual 21-Day Equity Challenge, an effort to educate participants in the elements of racial equity. This challenge, which kicked off March 7, provides participants with a daily email linking to readings, videos, and podcasts intended to help build awareness (in less than 20 minutes a day) and give participants some ideas about how to make our community a better place for all. Similar programs have been run in many U.S. communities by groups like United Way and the YWCA. Close to home, the city of Arlington, Texas, has participated in such a program within the past few years. To sign up for the Challenge or to learn more, please follow this link to register: www.voicesunitedrr.org/challengesignup.

Voices United is a non-partisan group of Robson Ranch women who share progressive values, perform community outreach, and provide civic awareness and social contacts for members. We’re a 501(c)(3) organization open to Robson Ranch residents. To learn more about Voices United or to join us, visit our website at www.voicesunitedrr.org. New members are welcome.