Voices United Relax and Unwind—It’s Patio Time

This patio runs on good drinks, good food, and good times.

Vicki Baker

There are so many things to love about summer: sunshine, swimming pools, road trips, and watermelon. That extra hour or so of lingering sunlight and the warm evenings made Voices United members just about ready to POP—that is, ready to Party on the Patio! There’s not one good reason for confining the festivities to a single patio. So, the VU Social Committee took the party all over the community by hosting a Summer Patio Crawl.

We mingled and meandered across a series of porches, allocating about 45 minutes at each. Patios were decorated with fun summer stuff, arranged poolside, and seated among a peaceful garden.

Bringing our own glasses and beverages of choice, the patio hosts, Jan Lands, Jane Thompson, and Rupa Mathur, provided the rest. We nibbled on fruits, meats and cheeses, chips and dips, nuts and mixes, and sweets.

The evening passed by much too quickly. We enjoyed an evening out without the hassle of going out! No crowds, no overpriced cocktails, and no need for designated drivers. Just friends soaking up the waning rays of sunlight, sipping on a few glasses of wine.