Want to fly the flag in your yard?

Quinn Sowell installing a flag for a Robson Ranch patriot.

Quinn Sowell installing a flag for a Robson Ranch patriot.

Dianne Edmondson, SOT reporter

Here at Robson Ranch, we have been blessed for a dozen years by the wonderful sight of 180 American flags being proudly displayed along Ed Robson Blvd. on eight patriotic holidays each year. Sue Wells and the Support Our Troops flag brigade volunteers make that happen for all of us to enjoy.

In addition, many patriots here at the Ranch display their own flags often throughout the year as we see many American flags proudly displayed on major holidays as well as other dates.

Some of us have permanent flagpoles in our yards and proudly run Old Glory up and down daily, or focus lighting on her to keep our flag displayed after dark, as proper flag etiquette requires.

But many other residents have identical pole flags that are displayed on their lawns during daylight hours on whichever dates those residents choose. Have you ever wondered how those flags appear, who makes that happen and how you too can have your home’s individual American flag?

Wonder no more. Quinn Sowell, treasurer of Support Our Troops and a Vietnam veteran Army helicopter pilot, is the man to call at 940-262-1106. Quinn will happily provide Robson residents with a flag permanently attached to a pole, plus installing the plastic yard sleeve which holds the flag pole each time the resident wishes to display his/her patriotism. Some of our residents display their flags every day; others choose days such as Election Day, Labor Day or even Thanksgiving.

Once several years ago, the Denton City Council was considering an ordinance which would have prohibited the hundreds of American flags put out by a patriotic Denton business to line major streets in town on special patriotic holidays. When Robson Ranch residents learned of that misguided plan, hundreds of American flags appeared in yards throughout our community to show solidarity with the Denton flags. The City Council quickly backed down.

If you’d like to join hundreds of us who love displaying Old Glory in our yards, just contact Quinn and he will have your flag to you in short order.