Welcome To Robson Ranch Dr. Ortega

Sue Solometo and Dr. Ortega

Sue Solometo and Dr. Ortega

The Robson Ranch Music Club welcomes a new director this year! The University of North Texas is home to one of the finest music schools in the country, and we are privileged to bring one of their elite professors to Robson Ranch, Dr. Arturo Ortega.

Dr. Ortega, Conductor, has been hailed by audiences as one of the most dynamic conducting talents of his generation. He has garnered accolades from all over the world.

The Music Club hosted a “Meet and Greet” at the Wildhorse Grill on August 10. Residents from across Robson Ranch enjoyed this special time to meet Dr. Ortega.

Please mark your calendars for Dr. Ortega’s first appearances on our stage: Veterans Day concerts on November 11 and Christmas concerts on December 19 and December 20. Please read the HOA daily emails for information on times and ticket sales.

Our Robson Ranch Music Club choir has over 90 members this year! With a new conductor, a growing community and a dynamic choir, we are in for an exciting concert season!