What I Am Doing on My Coronavirus Vacation

Jax and furloughed parents

Jax and furloughed parents

Catherine Simpson

I know I should not be enjoying staying at home with a blank calendar, but I am. After having a brain tumor removed May 23, 2019, results included deafness in one ear and eye difficulties—the deafness keeps me from watching any television and noises interfere with my concentration, which limits my reading. So, during this shut down, I needed something new. I took up acrylic flow painting, which includes ocean scenes, children’s room art, contemporary, and sparkling geode paintings. Often, you can find me in my now garage-studio happily creating art. Who’d have guessed?

Since five of our immediate family members, including 19-month-old grandson Jax’s parents, also are included in this out-of-work number, I decided to do something to help out. Because they are likely to have to relocate and will probably need to change careers, I am going to show my art in an Outdoors Art Exhibit on June 13 from 1 to 4 p.m. at our home. Tables will be placed at least six feet apart outside of our home and anyone can take home a piece of art. We’d appreciate that you leave a love offering for our loved ones who are coronavirus victims; every little bit will help. I also will have opportunities for commissioned art.

If you are an artist and, like me, have art pieces everywhere and you’d like to join in, just let me know and you can set up a table too. Contact me at [email protected] If it rains that day, our rain date will be June 14 same time, same place. Please mark your calendar and if you don’t care for art, come on out anyway; even though I have been busy, you have been missed!