What’s Happening at Habitat for Humanity of Denton County

Bill Wright, Robson Ranch resident

Almost everyone knows generally about the great mission of Habitat for Humanity—building affordable homes for low-income families who provide sweat equity, and make payments on their mortgage. Since I have served on the Board of Habitat for Humanity of Denton County for over a year and also serve as general legal counsel (on a pro bono basis), I can tell you more specifically what is going on at Habitat Denton.

Habitat Denton recently purchased the tract it had been leasing at University and Cornell, which is the site of its ReStore selling a variety of donated items. The ReStore site is undergoing a major remodeling project, including the addition of offices for Executive Director Lora Atkinson and her staff. They will be moving from the current headquarters offices in the building at N. Carroll and Sunset, which is currently leased to and will be purchased by Ruth’s Room. At the same time, Habitat Denton is undertaking the largest home building project in its 27-year history. After building 103 homes since its creation, Habitat Denton is developing an eight-acre tract on Duncan Street in Southeast Denton into 35 home sites, to be known as Habitat Village. Before any homes can be built, the lots must be cleared and graded, streets must be constructed, and utilities must be installed—all at a cost of over $1.9 million. To raise these funds, Habitat Denton has commenced a Capital Campaign. All contributions are fully tax deductible because Habitat Denton is a 501(c)(3) charity. Checks should be made payable to Habitat for Humanity of Denton County and sent to 1721 N. Carroll, Denton, TX 76201, with Habitat Village in the memo. Habitat Denton is a great charity to receive some of your Required Minimum Distributions from your 401(k) plans. My CPA tells me to have contributions sent directly from your 401(k) to the charity (not to yourself) so they don’t become income to you.

Other ways you can support Habitat Denton are to donate furniture, appliances, and other items (not clothing) to the ReStore on University, and to help build homes once the pandemic allows. For more information, please contact me at [email protected] or 940-600-0869.