Wine & Dine – September 2014

Lolly Evans

Before we headed out to Sweetie Pies Ribeyes, I checked the internet. Don’t. The directions were extremely outdated. Head west on 380 (University Drive) and take a left on Business 380. That will take you into Decatur. Sweetie Pies is located at 201 Main Street on the town square. Decatur has one of the most impressive courthouses I’ve ever seen, and most of the buildings around the square date back to the 1800s. Sweetie Pies is located in one of these restored buildings and is owned by the same people as Babes. The interior reminded me of a Babes, very casual.

We went on a Friday night, and since we had no reservations we were afraid we would have to wait, but we were seated immediately. A waitress came right away, and we were able to order beer and wine. No mixed drinks are served, and you won’t find a long wine list. Before our drinks arrived we were brought steaming hot rolls and soft butter. They were absolutely outstanding! The menu features three sizes of ribeyes, 9 ounce, 12 ounce and 15 ounce, all grilled and ranging from $18.99 to $27.99. The chicken fried ribeye is $12.99. There is also an 8 ounce filet at $22.99 and fried catfish ($13.99) and fried chicken fingers (10.99). Everything comes with a choice of two sides. They include cream of broccoli soup, dinner salad, sautéed mushrooms, macaroni and cheese, yellow squash, green beans, fries or baked potato. The baked potatoes are dropped into a vat of boiling pine tree resin and then wrapped in brown paper for serving. Naturally I had to have one. It was excellent and be sure to order the special butter, which is a creamy mixture of butter cheese and seasonings. The salads were pretty average. The bacon dressing is supposed to be something to brag about, but everyone found it non-descript. All of us ordered the small ribeye with varying results. Both mine and Dwight’s were very gristly but tasted good. The other three of us had great steaks. I tried the squash and found it unremarkable. Others ordered the macaroni and cheese and the mushrooms and thought both were average. For dessert we tried the pecan pie and found it to be very good.

While we were waiting for our food, one of the young waitresses began to sing. At first we thought it was a juke box playing, she was that good. The wait staff and manager were very friendly and even sat down to visit with us. Justin, the manager, is a Decatur native. He worked in Las Vegas where he got his food and beverage experience. It’s a long ride to Decatur, but Sweetie Pies should be on your list as a place to take visitors (Kids, too). They are open every day for lunch and dinner.