Wine Knots say “Zum Wohl”

Joan and Chuck Newcomer with Jennifer Heinen

Joan and Chuck Newcomer with Jennifer Heinen

Joan Newcomer

The Wine Knots gathered at the home of Chuck and Joan Newcomer and welcomed Jennifer Heinen, Chuck’s sister. Jennifer is a 40-year resident of Germany, 13 of which have been in the Eifel region, home of the Mosel River and the premier wineries of Germany. Four German wines produced in small family vineyards were sampled and enjoyed by all. Each wine was introduced and described in detail along with trade secrets for storage, drinking and pairing. While most people are familiar with the beer drinking toast of “prost!” we learned that while drinking wine it is never appropriate in Germany. Rather one should say “Zum Wohl,” which means to your health and well being.

The first wine sampled was a German Sekt, a sparkling white wine. This wine is comparable to champagne, but because the grapes are not grown in that specific area of France the term champagne cannot be legally used. The most popular wine of the evening was a 2014 Riesling followed closely by the Dornfelder.

Many delicious appetizers followed by delicious German red cabbage and apples and seasonal pumpkin dip. It was an international evening of fun, fellowship and cheers. Zum Wohl!