WLN Holds Second Golf Academy

Presenters for the indoor portion of the day were Lucia Bone, Joan Stewart, Lisa Miller, Deb Andrews, and Jamey Siefert.

A tremendous amount of volunteer work went into creating this year’s Academy. Behind-the-scenes workers included Dale James, Lisa Miller, Joan Stewart, and Deb Andrews.

Seventy-three Lady Niners spent the day reviewing the basics of golf with instruction provided by their fellow WLN members and our golf professionals.

Cindy Voliva

As a group, the Wildhorse Lady Niners (WLN) pride themselves on being a welcoming club that encourages individuals at all levels to enjoy their game. But if you are a brand-new golfer or new to Robson Ranch, showing up for tournament play each Wednesday can be a daunting proposition—at least in the beginning. One way the Niners have sought to ease the stress for inexperienced players is by holding an annual Academy. Volunteers created, developed, and delivered this year’s Academy, the second for WLN. This year’s committee included Lisa Miller, Dale James, Joan Stewart, Deb Andrews, Lucia Bone, and Jamey Siefert.

Seventy-three ladies took part in the day-long program. The morning session, held in the clubhouse, covered a myriad of topics: the GHIN program that is used to track handicaps, the software app used to track play and communicate with members, specific rules for playing on our course during our scheduled play (Golf Genius), pace of play, equipment needs, strategies for playing your best game, and the mind game that is golf.

After a break for lunch, the ladies reconvened at the driving range and broke into four groups. With the help of golf instructors Stephen Zaudtke, Tyler Clark, Dave Hintz, and Mike Camp, the groups rotated every 30 minutes to one of four stations. They received instructions and tips in putting and chipping, practicing swings at the driving range, and they even walked a hole on the course to familiarize themselves with features and obstacles.

With a little help from those who have been before them, the goal is to have everyone who signed up to play with the Niners feel comfortable with their surroundings so they can start improving their own game.