Women Sharing Hope

Sherry Hansel

Wow, what a special time we all had at Women Sharing Hope (WSH) on Sept. 16. This month we were blessed to have Kathy Jeffrey talk about “Is God Real to You in Your Daily Journey with Him?” Kathy shared her memories of how God healed her dysfunctional family to be a family every child should have. She shared how God longs to have fellowship with each of His children, and in doing so, He shows us how to forgive others and experience His presence, comfort, encouragement, direction, and power in our lives. Kathy grew up on a farm on the other side of Robson Ranch Road when it was a one-lane, dirt road.

Women Sharing Hope is a group whose mission is to serve women in the community by talking about subjects that rarely come up—everything from forgiveness, family dynamics, finding purpose, to abuse. Although this is not a Bible study, the Bible is our guide book. WSH is open to all women who want a deeper bond with Christ and each other while glorifying God with our words and actions as we are led by the Holy Spirit. We meet the third Friday of each month at 10:30 a.m., in the Lone Star Room in the clubhouse. Songs and music are provided by Paula Hemingway and Jerri Sparks.

Linda Smith did a presentation on “Was the Bible Truly Written by the Inspired Words of God or Just by Men?” and she presented many fascinating facts showing the Bible was written by Divine inspiration. This will be a continuing series.

WSH also has different projects, including the Prayer Ministry and Care Team, which is led by Barbara Browning and consists of volunteers who pray for attendees’ specific prayers throughout the month.

WSH is hosting an amazing retreat at Camp Copass in Denton on Oct. 18 to 20, featuring speakers Joyce Stanley, Dr. Elizabeth Vaughan, and Kathy Howard. The retreat theme is “Lose Fear, Find Purpose.”

Our annual Holiday Project this year is providing gift cards and food to the day labor workers who stand on the sidewalk at 209 W. Collins Street in Denton every day, rain or shine, hoping to get work. In 2021 WSH blessed the Robson outdoor workers who beautifully maintain our golf courses and common areas. They were treated to lunch from a specialty food truck and gift cards. In 2020 WSH bought Christmas toys for the families living at the Wheeler House, which provides shelter to displaced moms and their children. In 2019 WSH made over 800 Blessing Bags filled with toiletries, hygiene products, sundries, snack foods, socks, first-aid items, vitamins, and gift cards, which were distributed to the Monsignor King homeless shelter and Our Daily Bread.

Please join us at the clubhouse Lone Star Room on Oct. 21 at 10:30 a.m. The subject will be “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Family Dynamics.” Members of the team will share their hearts on how they deal with adult children who no longer profess to be Christians. Group discussion will include the restraints put on Christian grandparents and the difficulties this can cause.