Women Sharing Hope Christmas Caroling

Linda Smith

This year, Christmas Caroling at Robson is sponsored by Women Sharing Hope and will be held on Monday, Dec. 19. We hop in golf carts and carol to our friends and neighbors who are recuperating from a surgery or illness, have lost a loved one, or are homebound caregivers, to let them know that we care and to bring them some Christmas cheer. So, get out your mufflers and warm up your fa-la-la-la-las. No singing ability is required—we have jingle bells! God says to make a joyful noise! We have found that serving and giving to others is the best medicine for battling holiday depression.

This event has been so much fun for all of us in the past, and we see the appreciation on the smiling faces of those we visit. If you know someone we can bless with some Christmas cheer, please reply directly to Linda Smith at [email protected] with the name, address, and circumstance of the person.

There is no limit on how many can attend this event, and husbands are invited, too. Last year we visited 44 homes and had three different routes to cover the Ranch. With all of the new home building, we will have four routes this year, and we need more carolers! If interested in participating, RSVP to [email protected] and tell me:

1. The names of those attending, and

2. Whether you have a golf cart you can bring, and how many people it can seat.

After the caroling, there will be an After Glow at the clubhouse to share stories and munch on holiday cookies.