Women Sharing Hope March Gathering

Women Sharing Hope (WSH) was pleased to present “Lessons Learned While Coping with Life” on Friday, March 10, at 10 a.m. at the Robson clubhouse. The challenging events that occur in our lives are certainly not our favorites and, yet, if we’re honest, they often are the times we look back on and see that significant growth and learning occurred. Those hard times in our lives provide opportunities to learn life lessons that we wouldn’t and couldn’t learn otherwise. At our March Women Sharing Hope meeting, our speaker, who is also on the WSH team, Bobbi Stringer, shared about her “Lessons Learned While Coping with Life.”

Women Sharing Hope presents topics that support needs and questions you may have. This is not a Bible study, but the Bible is our resource and guide in all that we do. At these meetings, we gather to strengthen our walk with God by learning more about Him and His love for us. Each month has a different theme and different guest speakers who address situations and things we all deal with in our lives.

We have several outreach programs that support the Robson Ranch community through a Widows Support program, Robson Angels Supporting Caregivers, Games for Dames, Mysteries of the Bible, and a Christian Book Club. We build community together through our Pray, Praise, and Play groups.

Women Sharing Hope exists to develop friendships, grow in faith, and share God’s love. We meet the third Friday of each month at 10 a.m. at the clubhouse. Watch for the Punchbowl invitation with your special invite each month. (Note: This month only we met on the second week instead of the third week.)

For more information, contact Catherine Simpson at 817-707-7707 or [email protected].