Women’s Club features Calloway’s Nursery

Mary Ornberg

The Robson Ranch Women’s Club had its monthly luncheon on Monday, October 5, 2015. Our president, Teresa Blackburn-Korn, asked the first-time attendees to come to the front of the stage and introduce themselves, tell us how long they have lived here, where they moved from and what street they live on now. She then proceeded as usual to acknowledge all members celebrating a birthday in October. Our charity for this luncheon was Denton Friends of the Family. A total of $473 was generously donated from our members and guests.

This luncheon was very extra special. Ty Poynter from Calloway’s Nursery was our much anticipated guest. He is a Texas Master Certified Nursery Professional. He demonstrated how to put a gorgeous fall pot together. The “thrill, fill and spill” method was explained. Also he talked to us about the problems of rose bushes and offered some remedies. Finally, what we had all been waiting for, he began the door prize bonanza. Ty gave away 57 door prizes consisting of the beautiful plants, pots and decorations that he had brought to decorate the stage.

Our Fall Social Mixer was Wednesday, September 16, at the Grill. Sally Baggott, who hosted the event, reported that 48 people attended and a fun time was had by all. They played games, won door prizes and met some new friends. Our next social mixer will be November 18. You don’t have to be a member to attend. Watch announcements for further details.

Check us out at our website: www.rrwomensclub.org.