Women’s Golf Association holds Queen’s Tournament

Mary Beninato

The RRWGA held the annual Queen’s Tournament on June 20, 2017. The event was coordinated by chair Cindy Bass and vice chair LaDonna Womochel. This tournament is held in a “horse race” fashion. Wagers are taken on “favorite” win, place or show competitors. Twenty competitors tee off the first hole (or in horse race lingo “they’re off”). One participant is eliminated on each hole (two were eliminated on No. 2 hole) to be dwindled to two final competitors on the 18th hole. Only the most persevering and determined ladies can compete in this eight-hour tournament.

All competitors shared the wait, the camaraderie and disappointment during the round. Finally two competitors made it to the 18th hole. What a challenging hole it was! The victorious “philly” was Joyce Marshall, who won in a chip-off against Katheryn Claudy (O Happy Day, song from the Secretariat movie). Congratulations, Joyce, to carry the crown for a year. Will we see you galloping around the course in your crown?