Women’s Golf RRTX: Second Annual Dickinson’s Challenge Event June 22

Jennifer Orsbun, Pat Sands, Gale Hicks, and Kerri Billingsley

Lea Ann Kirby

The second annual Dickinson’s Challenge Event was held on a beautiful June day with more than 80 participants. This event has been a favorite event for all of the Robson Ranch Women’s Golf Association (RRWGA) ladies. The format is a two-person team where a scramble is played on all par 4’s, alternate shot is played on all par 5’s and best ball on all par 3’s.

This year we had four flights and five places were paid. The winners were:

Flight One

Kerri Billingsley and Gale Hicks; Ann Brehm and Marlene Womack; Ruth Brock and Sue Galinski; Diane Bent and Sharyl Dieleman; Cindy Sterling and Paula Hayes

Flight Two

Diane Miller and Joy Pashby; Linda Phillips and Sandi Ziegler; Barb Bettiga and Lee Murphy; Althea Parent andDonna Phillips; Gabie Bull and Joyce Marshall

Flight Three

Vickie Moses and Ryoko Stevlingson; Mary Beninato and Peggy Puckett; Kelly Kay and Lea Ann Kirby; Angie Gay and Judy Markley; Staci Brown and Connie Metzler

Flight Four

Mo Fitzgerald and Sue Halsted; Bonnie Kohnert and Mary Burke; Chris Root and Jackie Williams; Linda Farmer and Juan Del Tillman; Ruth Bowen and Connie Mullins

The RRWGA has several upcoming events. If you are interested in joining the RRWGA, our playdays are on Tuesday and information on how to sign up or who to contact to be a RRWGA member is in the Pro Shop.