Workhorses of the Woodshop

Pictured are the planer and several example pieces of wood. The two multi-colored, glued-up pieces to the lower left will eventually be bowls and are a great example of what this machine can do. The foremost multi-colored piece has been through the planer and is smooth, and the one above to the left hasn’t. Standing on edge, above and to the right of the glued pieces are two sample pieces of mahogany. The light-colored piece has been planed and is now smooth. The dark piece has not and is very rough cut. Then on top of the machine are a couple of glued pieces that will need to be scraped first, then run through the machine as well to make sure all the pieces are the same thickness.

Joni Matthiessen

We have some very important pieces of equipment in our woodshop that are essential in preparing raw wood for projects. The shop has available several kinds of long planks of rough wood for sale. When someone wants wood for a project, they pick the kind of wood they want, measure, and cut it to the size they need. The planer very quickly smooths down rough wood to an even, smoother finish. This machine is a very important step to get wood to the correct thickness. After the planer, the next step is to slide the edges on the jointer to even out and smooth the sides. This step assures a true 90-degree edge. Then the wood is ready to be measured and cut to size, either on the table saw or the bandsaw.

This is just a small sample of what all we can do in our woodshop. Visitors are always welcome to stop by and see what equipment we have available to our members to make any job much easier!