Catholic Club highlights


Irene Manning

Robson Ranch Catholic Club met on November 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the home of Bill and Joyce Ambre. The meeting was opened with a prayer. We remembered those who are in need of our prayers. Mr. Goodpaster introduced Deacon Jim Galbraith, our guest speaker, who spoke on a Profile of the Church: Renewal of the Diaconate. Deacon Jim gave us some very interesting statics. In 1840 Dr. Passavant in Frankfurt, Germany wrote to his bishop urging that the church consider renewing the diaconate. In 1957 German Professor of Theology Fr. Karl Rahner, a Jesuit, wrote a paper on the renewal of the diaconate, and it received world-wide readership among bishops including Pope Pius XII. In 2018 the National Association Diaconate Director will celebrate 50 years of diaconate service in this country in New Orleans.

We need more priests to fill the needs of the growing church. There has been more technical focus, less human focus of love and compassion. In 1975 there were 59,000 priests for 55 million Catholics. In 2015 there were 39,000 priests for 78 million Catholics. Deacon Galbraith provided us with some wonderful information.

Marge Lane collected the ziplock bags that had been filled with goodies for the men at Our Daily Bread as a Christmas present.

Next month our meeting will be a Christmas potluck dinner.

The evening ended with some fellowship and enjoying the many refreshments that had been provided by some of the members.