Designing With Carol

Spring into life

Abby McIntyre

We’re only two months into the new year and already people are day dreaming about spring break and warmer weather. If you’re anything like us, you are counting down the days until you can bask in the warm sunshine and take in the beauty of flowering trees and blossoming flowers come spring time. Nature is arguably at its best in the spring. It is such a rejuvenating time of year and the novelty of life in bloom around us is inspiring. It offers a softer, lighter side of life not seen at any other point of the year. So, let’s embrace spring with open arms this year, friend, and see what the cheerful season has to offer by blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor. Between vibrant new colors and innovative ways to reconnect with nature, the possibilities to bring a breath of fresh air into your home are endless!

First thing’s first, natural does not have to mean neutral. This spring is all about incorporating the vibrant colors found in nature such as coral, teal and green into your décor. Introducing color to your space is the perfect way to brighten your home. Pantone recently named ‘Living Coral’ as 2019’s color of the year. Inspired by the unlimited array of colors found naturally in coral reefs, the company selected the color for its joyful radiance. Incorporating color can be done in many ways. It can be as easy as bringing in fresh flowers to put on your kitchen table or you can go as far as painting the walls! Maybe it’s as simple as adding a valance above your window. Whatever method speaks to you will certainly brighten your space and give it a lighter, spring time feel!

However, bringing nature into the home with color isn’t the only way to brighten your space. There is an abundance of natural textures that can be incorporated into the design of your space that will help you bring that breath of fresh air into your home. One way to do so is with woven shades. Offered in a range of colors and textures, woven wood blinds filter the light just enough to bring a light, airy feel to any room.

Let’s be real though; we aren’t meant to spend our whole lives inside. We were made to enjoy the outdoors too! Everyone deserves to have an enjoyable outdoor space for entertaining or spending time with the family on a sunny afternoon. Continuing your interior color scheme into your outdoor space with the addition of comfy cushions on your outdoor furniture can do just the trick! So, friend, look around and get inspired by spring this year friend.

Here at Carol’s Custom Draperies let us help your home spring into life and embrace the lighter spring time feeling. Come see us at our showroom at 535 S. Locust St., Monday-Friday from 10:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. or call us at 940-565-8337 to set up your design appointment!

Happy designing!