Fishing Club’s reel experts can tackle anything

Scott Baker

Temperatures in the low 40s, winds up to 15 mph, overcast skies, dense fog with 100-yard visibility and constant rainy drizzles. Nope, we’re not talking about the East Coast in winter. We’re talking about Rockport in January for the RR Fishing Club’s annual fishing excursion on the intercoastal waterways along the Texas Gulf coast. Never deterred, these 16 anglers were bound and determined to tackle anything and reel in their limit of red and black drum. Drum is some of the best tasting fish you’ll ever eat with a moist, mild, sweet flavor and a medium-firm texture.

Over the course of three days, they traversed the waterways of the Laguna Madre with professional guides. Dean French and Dean Perkins claimed bragging rights to the largest fish caught measuring 27 inches and weighing over ten pounds. One of the four boats hauled in 52 pounds of succulent filets ready for cooking.

Never ones to turn down an opportunity to cast a line, plans are in the works for the next fishing destinations including Lake Whitney (striper and bass), Lake Texoma (striper and bass) and Lake Murray (crappie and bass).

Interested in dropping a line? The RR Fishing Club meets the second Wednesday of each month at the Wildhorse Grill Boardroom at 5:00 p.m. For any inquiries, comments or suggestions contact or Scott Baker 214-334-7664.

Gotta hook ‘em to cook ‘em.