Garden Club on hiatus for the summer

Barbara Anderson, President, Robson Ranch Garden Club

Wise are the people who learn from experience! Fact: North Texas has an average of 36 inches of rain per year. Fact: May is the wettest month of the year with an average of four inches of rain.

For the second year in a row the long-anticipated Robson Ranch Garden Club Road Trip in May to Lavender Ridge Farms in Gainesville, TX was canceled because of rain! Although it was overcast and cool here at the Ranch on May 16, we did not have any rain but the damage had already been done up in Gainesville. The road into the Farm is primitive as is the parking area, so at the suggestion of the ownership our visit was canceled. Gardeners understand disappointment, but we keep trying although another planned trip for the whole group is probably not in the future.

Be on the lookout: the rose bush disease, Rose Rosette, is still a problem. On the 31st of March this writer found two very easily identified, eight-inch, bright red, thorny stems on two of four bushes. The bushes are 12 years old. I cut off those stems well below the bright red and disposed of them in the garbage, NOT the yard waste because that will simply spread the disease to other yards when the waste is dumped at the Denton recycle yard. I check almost daily for additional disease and so far so good. But I am watching.

Another disease challenge this year is Entomosporium Leaf Spot on Indian Hawthorns and Red-Tipped Photinia. Tiny circular, bright red spots appear on the leaves and spread. The spots look like chicken pox! The pathogen loves moisture so our rains have been an encouragement. To combat the disease open up the plant with selective pruning to allow for air circulation and drying and try to collect and discard (in the garbage can) fallen infected leaves. Fungicides can be effective, so check with Meador Nursery, Four Seasons Nursery and Dennis Farm Store for recommendations. Garden Club member and Master Gardener Janie Cindric has used a copper solution. Our “go to” people for garden problems are Janie and Tom Cindric at 262-0236 and Doc Clegg at 262-0118. Janie, Tom and Doc are very knowledgeable and are happy to help.

The Garden Club begins its summer hiatus with no meetings in June, July or August. We will begin the program year again with our meeting on September 19 in The Lone Star Room. Watch the Pioneer Press and the HOA club activities news updates in early September for the announcement of our program for the month.

We know that we have many new Robson Ranch residents, and if you are from places other than north Texas, we encourage you to become a Garden Club member. Growing things here is different from other parts of the country, and Garden Club programs focus on what is successful here. Dues are $10 for the program year, September 1 through August 31, and we will sign folks up at our September meeting.

Please call the Garden Club President, Barbara Anderson, at 940-239-6504, for information and questions, and we’ll be happy to help out!

Happy Gardening!