Happy Potters hold annual meeting

Judie Smothers thanks Gary Triebsch with a gift card.

Judie Smothers thanks Gary Triebsch with a gift card.

Jan Marx

For summertime our club is busy, busy, busy! Thursday morning June 8 Judie Smothers, president, greeted 33 members on the Courtyard Terrace for refreshments, social time and information. First and foremost we took time to say goodbye to Gary Triebsch who moved to California to be close to family. Gary, whose leadership and inspiration was paramount to the success of the club, always happily helped members as they pursued clay projects. He will now focus on gourds and pine needle weaving. Gary was a long-time member of the club, and we’ll miss him and his excellent creations.

At the meeting Judie also announced the following: The new orientation committee includes Judie, Carolyn Detjen and Pat Bender. Our next new member orientation is in September. Those interested in joining Happy Potters should go to the pottery room and sign up. There is a limited number of places available.

July 29 we will hold a morning open house along with the woodworking club in the CATC building. A variety of fascinating pieces have been created for sale to those attending. We also look forward to participating in the Women’s Club Holiday Sale October 7. As always pottery can be purchased in the pottery room on Monday and Thursday mornings or by appointment.

Classes this summer include a clay film series presented by Carolyn Detjen and a face sculpting session with Judie Smothers, one of our sculptors. Look for the results of the class along with Liz Katz’s horse class in the window.

The meeting ended with Marsha Scholze winning the door prize, a multi-compartment cart, which will hold her tools and supplies.

As always you are welcome to come for a visit. We are happy to answer your questions and show you around.