Horseshoe Club hits the ringers at annual Robson Olympics

Rain, rain and more rain. Due to the wet conditions, the horseshoe tournament for the Robson Olympics had to delayed until after the ceremonies.

The competition was tremendous. In the ladies’ bracket, we had a great match between Ellen Kilgore and Barbara Wise with Ellen taking the gold medal and Barbara the silver.


In the men’s bracket, after hard fought matches to get into the medal round, Ed Klenke took the gold medal and Bill Wise took the silver. The bronze medal was won by Jeff Harwell by outscoring a determined Jim Fox. In the Ringers and Dingers competition, Bill Wise scorched the field for gold medals in both brackets by throwing the most ringers and scoring the highest points. Jeff Harwell took silver in the Ringers while Ed Klenke took silver in the Dingers competition. Jim Fox took the bronze medal in both Ringers and Dingers.

Fun and friendship were enjoyed by all. The Horseshoe Club would like to give a big thank you to our sponsors, Guy and Nancy Myers of Cool Screens. The horseshoe pits are in great shape, new scoring pads have been installed in the four courts (thanks to Darin Burke and Joey Misiaszek). We also want to thank Bob Book for organizing this event and constantly promoting the Horseshoe Club. The pits are always open to anyone every day. We have scheduled open competition every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:00 a.m. We are getting a very talented group of ladies that compete on those days as can be attested to by Ellen taking the gold medal. She ranks as one of the best throwers here (including men). This group of residents that throw are there to have fun and exchange a little banter. We play closest to the stake with players standing wherever they are comfortable. This is an open invitation to everyone to come down and try your luck. We have horseshoes for those that don’t have any in the storage container located in the fenced in area of the dog park. Looking forward to seeing you there.