Jewish Friendship Group

The Jewish Friendship Group met May 15 and had a wonderful brunch with over 20 people in attendance including some prospective new members that just bought a home here. Our hosts were Stan and Joyce Brein. Thank you.

The good Jewish food was terrific with kugel, french toast, casseroles, salads, lox, bagels, herring, Gefilte fish, cream cheese, tomatoes, Swiss cheese and desserts. A good time was had by all.

Our next meeting will be on June 12 with Cheryl and Richard Smith hosting.

As a reminder, we have no dues; we only ask for a “dish to share” with the members. Only one member of a couple needs to be Jewish, and singles are more than welcome. Past members are always welcome to come back, even for a visit.

We are a social group, not a religious group, but we do maintain our Jewish heritage.

For any information please contact Linda Zisman at 940-246-0220 or