Recent Health Fair winner

Robson Ranch held its 13th annual Living Well Health Fair recently at Robson Ranch in Denton, Texas. Lifetime Hearing – Denton was proud to be one of the participating vendors this year. “This was our first Health Fair at Robson Ranch, and we are already signed up to return next year,” says owner and Hearing Specialist Vincent Yero. At the Health Fair, Lifetime Hearing gave away four George Foreman grills as door prizes and offered a free video otoscopy exam for anyone who wanted to take a look inside their ear! You actually got to see live video of the inside of your ear canal. “We also held a giveaway drawing for one lucky Robson Ranch resident to win a free set of ReSound top-of-the-line hearing aids.” Robson Ranch resident Dick Anderson was the lucky winner!

Lifetime Hearing in Denton services and repairs all makes and models of hearing aids and offers free hearing evaluations and ear examinations. You can call Lifetime Hearing for a free hearing test at 940-243-2766 today.