Relationship Counseling Comes to Photo Club

Mike Waterhouse, Vice President, Photo Club Board

Has your relationship gone bad; another “love on the rocks” story? I can remember when you first laid eyes upon her. You told me that you were so starstruck that you couldn’t wait to make her yours forever. At night you would dream of her and envision taking her all around the world. You said that you would get her focused on the beautiful things in life, if she would just be yours. Eventually you made the big decision and made the lifelong commitment to be true to her and her alone. On your honeymoon you held her and gazed into her eyes and always wanted her close to you. You took her everywhere you went. But now it is over. I hear that for the last few years you have left her in the dark, in your closet most of the time and never even think of her or even call her name. I have heard rumors that you are looking at young, new, mirrorless models, that are smarter, smaller, more focused and have a much larger memory. It is all so sad.

We at the Photo Club are aware that there are people on the Ranch who are treating their cameras this same way and we are here to help rescue your relationship. We are looking forward to seeing you at our club.

We have the following treatment plans for you including individual one on one mentoring, group counseling, workshops, monthly meetings with guest speakers, group outings, special events, a spotlight window to show off our great success, and, yes, we can even talk to you over a coffee. Come and join us. We can show you how to recharge your batteries, get the two of you clicking again and seeing each other in a brand new light and color.

Cost of counseling for one year is a $10 membership fee. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your mate with you.