Republicans choose state convention delegates

Rebecca Bafford

Robson Ranch Republican Club members have been extremely active in the Denton County Republican Party’s political scene, gearing up for the midterm elections in November. A sizable number of Robson Ranch residents represented our precinct at the biennial Denton County Republican Party Senate District 12 convention on March 24. At this SD12 convention, delegates to the State Republican Party convention in San Antonio on June 14-16, were selected, including nine residents of Robson Ranch. The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) is the largest political convention in the United States. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the RPT and the 300th anniversary of the city of San Antonio.

During the state convention, votes are held on such matters as changes and additions to the State Republican Party platform, various resolutions and the election of key party officers who will lead the state party for the next two years. Delegates to the convention not only help craft party policy, but also become involved at a grassroots level in the political process so important to our country’s continued liberty and democracy. Congratulations to our Robson Ranch residents for their commitment to ensuring that the RPT remains strong.